Sandparent Reading

What is Sandparents?

Sandparents is a free reading program for children under the age of six in our community. A young child is matched with a senior – a sandparent – and the two meet once a week in a safe, cozy and stimulating environment. It is a tried Rotary-sponsored program that has run successfully for several years elsewhere.

Who are Sandparents?

Simply put, "sandparents" are Seniors from Brighton who have volunteered to read with local children on a weekly basis. They are; however, much more than just a reading partner. Sandparents are a committed part-time mentor who has been carefully matched to each young child. They will read, sing, play, and otherwise interact with that child in the hopes that a mutually rewarding friendship will develop. For some children, whose extended family members are not near at hand, Sandparents can fill that void and play a part-time grandparent role.

Where did the name "Sandparents" come from?

The program's name "Sandparents" is a play on words. It links the mythical "Mr. Sandman" who carries happy and tired children off to sleep with the word grandparent.

What are people saying?

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