Sandparent Reading

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What will my Child get out of this program?

Children require positive stimulation in order to grow and develop in a healthy way. Spending time with a Sandparent is an important way to encourage this growth. When a Sandparent reads, plays with or sings to a child, the experience creates long-lasting benefits that carry forward into later life. The intergenerational partnership adds another enriching dimension to this program. Children will benefit from the Sandparents' lifetime of stories and experiences.

My child already has his/her grandparents visit. We read to him/her. How is this different?

The short answer is that it is not. The intent is not to replace parents, grandparents or any other positive influences. In fact, parents and grandparents should be the primary source of reading experience. Sandparents is one more way to add a positive, constructive force in your child's life.

How do I know my child will be safe?

All the seniors who volunteer for this program have undergone police checks. Sandparents have participated in a volunteer training workshop to help create a positive reading experience for the child. Reading sessions will take place at a supervised and prearranged location in the local area.

What if a family travels/vacations during the year?

While we believe consistency is important, we understand that travel and vacation is a natural part of life. Prior to leaving, we would ask you to contact the Program Coordinator and the sandparent to let them know when and for how long you will be gone.

Where and when do the meetings of children and “sandparents” take place?

Sandparent sessions will occur at one of our community partners. When the Program Coofdinator matches you with a sandparent she will select a common time and place according to both parties preferences. You will meet at that same time and place for the duration of the program year (if a change is required, contact the Program Coordinator). You may chose your preferred meeting spot from the list of locations found here.

How do I enroll my child?

Please fill out this online application.

**** Dr. Fraser Mustard, commented on the Sandparents program in a 2007 letter to Human Resources and Social Development Canada. “[Sandparents] is entirely consistent with everything we know that works in terms of early childhood development”... “Providing positive stimulus and nurture in a comfortable environment is exactly what stimulates appropriate development of the neural pathways of children”.....”it also taps a pool of extraordinary valuable talent that otherwise can languish on the sidelines of social and community life. The idea of creating pair bonds is especially clever....”