(Cheryl and Mia reading in the Brighton Children's Centre)

"I love to read. As a child I was content to read silently and alone. As an adult I discovered the joys of reading aloud with my children, then later my grandchildren. But all too soon, as my grandchildren grew bigger and bigger, their once favourite books grew dustier and dustier on the bottom shelves. No more Sam I Am with his green eggs and ham;... (click to read more)

no more Jillian Jiggs and her room full of pigs. How I missed them. But not anymore;I'm reading aloud again - as a Sandparent to a delightful 4-year-old named Mia. Each week we read together and we wonder:
  • Who looks different to us?
  • What are some things we could do if that happened here?
  • What is the best place to do that?
  • When things we like go away, do they always come back?
  • Why do some people do mean things?
  • How do we feel when that happens?
The books that Mia and I read take us to so many places - places inside the stories, places inside ourselves. As traveling companions, the farther we travel, the closer we come. Being a Sandparent is rewarding, enriching and a whole lot of fun."
    - Cheryl (Sandparent)

"Mia is a happy and sometimes shy, typical four year old. She loves music and pets and playing with her Webkinz. But now, every Thursday she tells me that she loves to read with Cheryl....her chosen Sandparent! Mia looks forward to her Thursday visits and special time with Cheryl. She tells me... (click to read more)

about each book that they have chosen to read together, and all about Cheryl (and her pet dog).

About 3 weeks ago, Mia asked me a very surprising question. "Mommy, can I learn to read the book?" At four, there is nothing more moving than knowing your child has a passion for books and reading. Although we have read to Mia often since birth, I know that the Sandparent program, and it's focus on reading has nurtured this "need" for Mia. Spending quality time reading with Cheryl (with no big-sister distractions as she may get in my household) has pushed her along the path towards loving books...and now wanting to read them herself.

Thank you so much for helping to bring this amazing program to the area. What a tremendous "Community" program for Brighton....a retirement haven for our Sr's, who happily volunteer to make this program the success it now is.

Please let us know if the program will continue to run next year, because Mia has many little friends that would benefit from having a "Sandparent"."
    - Jennifer (Mom of Mia)

(Don and Donovan reading in the Brighton Public Library)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and find that I am look forward to every Wednesday. I find Donovan a pleasure to work with as well as his parents Crystal and Sidney. When I see that Donovan is excited to see me every Wednesday... (click to read more)

then I know the program is working and well worth the time. I would highly recommend this program. It is rewarding in many ways and I hope to continue to be a part of it for some time to come."
    - Don (Sandparent)

"Although we have only just started our time with the program, our son has alreadycreated a bond with his Sandparent. He looks forward to his time at the library every week and talks about it until the next week. This is a wonderful program for... (click to read more)

families like ours that do not have grandparents locally and I look forward to the continuing friendship with us as parents as well!"
    - Crystal (Mom of Donovan)

"Sandparents is a program that matches children with seniors in a neutral setting, encouraging positive growth and adding another constructive reading experience for the child.
It has been amazing to see the change in listening skills and participation at the weekly story time and craft, after sessions with the Sandparent volunteer.
Brighton Public Library is pleased to be part of this page turning journey with the local Sandparents Group of Brighton.
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams, (a leading authority on children's literacy) states, "Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.""
    - Jeni Dyment (Brighton Children's Librarian)